RealNex is constantly upgrading its solutions and offerings to meet the ever evolving demands of our rapidly growing client base.

A few of the most recent enhancements, and some of the hidden gems you should be taking advantage of include:

  • New Lease Tools for advanced comparative analysis and lease accounting values
  • Email Attachments with messages stored in History
  • Add Multiple Leads to your listings or Leads to multiple listings with just one entry.
  • Organization Hierarchies for property, space and contact roll-up
  • In-Line editing has been added for faster data updates.
  • Right-Click on any list to access a host of the most common action menus
  • We have added Folders to Deal Rooms to better manage all your offerings
  • You can now Analyze Deals and Create Awesome Marketing by opening your MarketPlace Listings in MarketEdge
  • Use Fast Find to get right to record you are looking for
  • Custom Filter and Column Favorites to access just the data you want, juts the way you want to view it.
  • Quick Links have been added to CRM date tables to allow you to add or search one table without leaving the one you are working on.
  • Business Maps in MarketEdge to present subject property in relation to competition, clients or other important points of interest.
  • Split View display in CRM
  • Develop Custom Branded Collateral in MarketEdge, and access 32 presentation formats in portrait and landscape, including new photo, description, section and table of contents pages!
  • Build Timelines in CORE CRM to automate routine, repeated processes
  • Push Listings from MarketEdge to MarketPlace and set up private and secure Deal Rooms to run controlled Sales Processes
  • Leverage the RealNex MarketPlace to host MP Direct and post your listings on your website
  • And, the list goes on and on. To learn more attend one of our weekly demos or complete the form and we will reach out to you.