Leveraging Social Media to Build Your CRE Brand and Business 


This webinar will cover how to create a lead generation machine by combining Facebook ads, automated email sequences, retargeting, and impactful landing pages. Every business needs a system for generating high quality leads and then converting those leads into paying customers. Despite the face that most businesses know this, very few have actually developed their own marketing funnels. This system works whether you are selling $20 books or $5M properties.


  • What is a marketing funnel? And why do you need one?
  • Drive high quality traffic into your funnel.
  • Create lead magnets that convert cold traffic into valuable leads.
  • Deploy retargeting to reengage prospects who have left your funnel.
  • Tools to simplify the funnel creation and to maximize its effectiveness.

Maxwell Finn is a Managing Partner at Quantum Media, a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook advertising and marketing funnel development. He is the owner of several successful ecommerce companies including Startup Drugz, which is one of the fastest growing ecommerce businesses in the world.